Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is served from 8:30am till 11:50am


Scrambled eggs with grilled pork chorizo, Spanish Manchego cheese and fresh parsley. Served on sourdough with tomato chutney.


Pulled Pork Benedict

Our slow cooked Cape Otway pork shoulder on toasted sourdough, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.


Avocado your way

Ripe avocado with all the trimmings needed to make the perfect smashed avocado, including goat’s cheese, fresh herbs, sliced chili and squeezed lemon, just muddle to your liking and serve on toasted sourdough with soft poached eggs.


Mushroom Breakfast

Seasonal mushrooms and fresh thyme lightly sauteed in olive oil, served on toasted sourdough with crumbled goat cheese, porcini salt, poached eggs and pickled onion rings.


Spanish Flamenco eggs

Free-range egg gently poached in a homemade, slow cooked, tomato, basil and caramelized onion salsa. Topped with crumbled goat’s cheese and toasted sourdough.

$15.50 (with chorizo $17.50)

Churros con chocolate

Lightly dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar, served with melted chocolate on the side. 6 pieces to a serve.


Build your own

Eggs cooked your way served on toasted sourdough with your favourite extras.



Bacon or Goat Cheese                                                                          $3.50

Smoked salmon, Chorizo or Avocado                                                     $4.00

Sauteed mushrooms                                                                             $3.50

Aditional toast, Hollandaise sauce or Gluten free bread                           $2.00

Simply Spanish QVM – Lunch & Dinner Menu

Our Lunch is served from 12:00pm till 3:00pm and dinner begins at 5:00pm until 8:30pm.


Garlic Prawns

Sizzling prawn cutlets cooked in a traditional Spanish method with sliced garlic, olive oil and a hint of chili.


Spanish Meatballs

Seared beef and pork meatballs cooked in a rich tomato and white wine sauce, served with yogurt topping.


Patatas Bravas

Twice cooked, crisp hand-cut potatotes srved on a bed of spicy tomato salsa, topped with aioli and sweet prapika.


Chicken Pinchos

Chargrilled marinated chicken skewers served with seasonal vegetables and fried potatoes julienne.


Tortilla del dia

A traditional Spanish style potato, onion and egg quiche served with aioli.



Ask our friendly staff which special flavour is available. 4 pieces per serve.



Ternera a la Jardinera

Slow cooked veal stew in red wine, onion, garlic, tomato and carrots served on a soft bed of potato puree.


Simply Salad

Boiled eggs, fresh tomato, olives, red onions and crumbled goat cheese served on a bed of fresh mixed lettuce.


Add smoked salmon for $5.00


Please allow additional time for our Gourmet Paellas to be expertly prepared.

Gourmet Seafood

This traditional paella is made with market fresh seafood. Peeled prawn cutlets, mussels, clams, calamari, fresh fish fillets and scallops. Altogether cooked in a freshly made seafood stock with Spanish paprika and short grain rice.


Paella Mixta

A classic Spanish dish combining boneless chicken, calamari, fresh fish fillets, mussels, clams and prawn cutlets. Entirely cooked in a mix of seafood and chicken stock.



Chicken Chorizo

Tender chicken, Spanish chorizo and short grain rice cooked in a chicken and saffron stock.


Pork Paella

Cooked the traditional Spanish way with short grain rice in a mixed chicken, vegetable and saffron stock.


Spinach and Mushroom

The timeless combination of field mushrooms and fresh spinach cooked in a flavoursome vegetarian stock, finished off with parmesan cheese and sprinkled with sliced toasted almonds.



Churros con chocolate

Lightly dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar, served with melted chocolate on the side. 6 pieces to a serve.