South Melbourne Market.


Simply Spanish began it’s journey in the South Melbourne Market more than a decade ago. The market has been a landmark in the city for years and is a quintessential village market. The old fashioned feel is what makes the South Melbourne Market unique. Amongst the hustle and bustle of this market, you can get a good share of authentic Spanish cuisine at our restaurant.

Nourishment of the soul

The South Melbourne Market is a foodie’s paradise with fresh ingredients and gourmet food options being sold on every corner. Along with the numerous food options, you can enjoy live music, make some eclectic fashion choices at the quirky clothes shops and enjoy some food and drink at our restaurant.

We have an array of fresh seafood dishes that will touch your soul. Imagine enjoying a delicious paella on a lazy Sunday afternoon with live music playing in the background. This is the vibe you’ll experience in the streets of South Melbourne market.


Lunch should be left to rest, dinner should be walked off.

Evenings in the South Melbourne Market get even more eventful and colourful. It is the perfect time to enjoy a drink and an array of tapas with some family and friends. Take a walk down the streets of South Melbourne after a soulful meal of paella, and enjoy the bright lights, music and the festivities.

116 Cecil Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

03 9682 6100

Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: From 9am
Thursday: From 10am
Friday: From 8:30am
Saturday & Sunday: From 8am