Catering at Home.


Trying to impress all your house guests with a delicious spread of Mediterranean food? Simply Spanish offers you the option of catering at home.

Yes, one of our highly skilled professional chefs will be right there in your kitchen, cooking up food that touches your soul. You can have an entire spread of a variety of tapas for a cocktail party or huge helpings of paella and sobremesa.

Tapas for all.

Tapas is the perfect food to enjoy with a drink. We have a range of tapas that you can serve at your next house or office party. Choose between vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian and seafood options; gluten-free options are also available.

Whether it is a glass of wine or a pint of beer, these little Spanish snacks are the best accompaniment to your drinks.

Bring A Smile To Everyone’s Face With Paella.

Our signature paella is not just a mouthwatering meal but is also quite pleasing to the eyes. Paella is prepared in a special pan which gives the dish it’s distinctive look, flavour, and feel. The specialty of this particular dish is that it not just tastes good, it looks absolutely stunning.

The moment you see it, you fall in love. And that is the exact reaction we at Simply Spanish want to see. Experience a newfound love for food with our award-winning paella!


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